God’s Plan for Government

Christian Practice 301, part 3
Romans 13:1-7
Pastor Ron Kincaid

Our country is very divided. Chances are good that either you are unhappy about Republican leadership in Washington DC or you are displeased by decisions being made by our Democrat Governor in Oregon; you’re probably not too excited about one or the other. But how does Scripture tell us we should respond to our authorities in government? The Apostle Paul surprises us by telling us that government is established by God and government leaders are servants of God.

Motivated by Mercy

Christian Practice 301, part 1
Romans 12:1-8
Pastor Ron Kincaid

What motivates you to get up in the morning to go to work or school? What fires you up to care for your family members and close friends? What makes you want to watch what you eat, get exercise and take care of your body? This message takes a look at the Christian ethic for motivation.