Weekly Journal Resources

Our Bible studies are developed in-house by our members to aid your personal or group study.
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Beginnings - A Study in Genesis

Made For More - A walk thru Ephesians

Fixer Upper - A Study Thru Philippians

Easter Bible Study

4/21/2019 Come Before Winter

After God’s Heart - The Life of David

Lesson 1 A Nobody, Nobody Noticed

Lesson 2 Taking Your Goliaths Down

Lesson 3 Every Crutch Removed

Lesson 4 Desperate Days

Lesson 5 Life’s Most Subtle Temptation

Lesson 6 Quick-Trigger Anger

Lesson 7 Cloudy Days, Dark Days

Lesson 8 Too Tired to Fight

Lesson 9 The Case of the Open Window Shade

Lesson 10 Colossal Collapses

Lesson 11 How Can God’s Presence Come to Me?

Lesson 12 Family Disintegration

Lesson 13 Tenacious Loyalty

Lesson 14 Gifts That Cost Me Nothing

Lesson 15 Blind Intersections