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Chris Quinn

Mail AttachmentChris has lived in the Portland/Vancouver area since he was 5 years old. He has called the Westside his home for the majority of his life, however, and knows the area well. After graduating from Westview High School in 2005, he went to Bible College at Multnomah University and studied Bible/Theology and Youth Ministry. Before graduating in 2009, Chris was hired as a Youth Director at a church in Vancouver, WA, where he served until 2013. Most recently, he worked with 4 and 5 year olds at a daycare facility in Portland. Chris loves to read good books, fiction and non-fiction (especially theology), eating good food, watch movies, watch and play sports, and spend time with his wife.

Chris has a passion for teaching the Bible and discipling youth into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Having been involved in some form with youth ministry since he was 16 years old, God has used his experience, education, and adversities to refine him and give him a clearer picture of what He is called to do as a minister of the Gospel to youth. He has a passion for building Christ-centered relationships with all those around him and to encourage not just youth in following Christ, but their families as well. He believes ministry begins in the home, and that a good youth ministry supplements the care that families give at home. As well, Chris has a heart for the youth that come from broken homes and need a place to experience real Christ-like families. To him, any youth ministry must create that feel of safety for youth so that they can experience that Christ-like love in a safe environment.

Chris married Lindsey in July of 2014. They met through a setup by mutual friends. There was an immediate connection and chemistry from the moment they met. Throughout their dating time, they saw God’s hand in bringing their lives together for each other. Lindsey has a passion for youth ministry as well, but loves to serve in any capacity she can, especially in ways that can be behind-the-scenes. While Chris likes to be up front, Lindsey prefers to stay away from the limelight. She has a deep, kind, compassionate heart, and loves to spend time with teenagers outside the church walls.