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Suburban Myths

Growing up in the United States, we learn certain things that we assume are true. We think, “That’s just the way things are.” Like, “Car payments are a way of life. You’ll always have one.”

I want to challenge these cultural beliefs for what they are: myths. Starting September 13th, I am doing a series of messages called Suburban MythsWe will look at several beliefs we have come to believe are true that it turns out are myths. Not true.

This will be a swimming upstream series in which we challenge the prevailing cultural winds. Don’t miss a single one.

Suburban Myths

September – November 2015

Lesson 1 What is the Point of it All

Lesson 2 Doing What I Want Will Make Me Happy

Lesson 3 Education Makes You Wiser

Lesson 4 My Work Is My Most Valuable Pursuit

Lesson 5 Strong People Don’t Need Anybody

Lesson 6 What You Say Doesn’t Really Matter

Lesson 7 Money Will Buy Me The Life I Want

Lesson 8 Knowing Jesus Is Only For Sundays

Lesson 9 You Can Out Run Death

Lesson 10 Only The Wealthy Famous and Beautiful Can Be Happy

Lesson 11 Putting Faith In God Can Wait