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Standing Firm in Hard Times

Hard Times! Everybody has them: losing a job, unemployment, getting a bad grade in school, an ominous diagnosis, a sick parent, the death of a loved one, an ugly divorce, a devastating breakup from a long-term relationship, a rebellious child.

There are global things that cause us fear such as an uncertain economy, terrorism, ISIS, and political upheaval.

And then there are hard times we experience because of our faith. We live in a post-Christian world. Most people do not embrace Christian faith. Christians are in the minority. You may face ridicule for your faith. In many places in the world, Christians are openly persecuted for believing in Jesus. How can we stand firm in our faith in hard times?

The Apostle Peter, the unquestioned leader among Jesus’ twelve disciples, has a lot to say about standing firm for Christ in less than ideal times. We will look at what He has to say in this timely series Sunday September 11 through Sunday November 13.

Lesson 1 Going Through the Fire

Lesson 2 How to Be Different

Lesson 3 Growing Up in Christ

Lesson 4 How to Live Like a Christian

Lesson 5 Following Jesus in Cultural Headwinds

Lesson 6 What Are the Keys to Marriage?

Lesson 7 Cultivating a Clear Conscience

Lesson 8 Serving Others With Love

Lesson 9 The Proper Response to Persecution

Lesson 10 Overcoming the Forces of Darkness