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Have You Seen God’s Supernatural Power Lately?

Jesus performed a lot of miracles. Peter, Paul and the disciples also did many signs and wonders. There were a lot of miracles when Moses brought the Israelites out of Egypt and Joshua brought them in to the Land of Canaan. The prophets Elijah and Elisha did some amazing miracles.

Why don’t we see these kinds of miracles today? Should we be experiencing supernatural miracles in our lives? This is what we’ll explore in Pastor Ron’s new five-week series, Have You Seen God’s Supernatural Power Lately   

Lesson-0 Easter

Lesson-1 Have You Seen God’s Supernatural Power?

Lesson-2 What Do You Have That God Can Use?

Lesson-3 What Do You Do When Pain Knocks On Your Door?

Lesson-4 Supernatural Power is Not Always Spectacular

Lesson-5 Opening Our Eyes to the Unseen Powers of God