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The Real Thing

John the fisherman, was the author of the Gospel of John, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, and Revelation. An apostle of Christ from the beginning of Christ’s ministry, John had talked with Jesus, learned to love him and obey him.  By the time John wrote this letter, near the end of the first century, the church was about 60-70 years old. Most of the original believers had passed away, and many in the church were too young to have known Jesus in the flesh. Heresy in the form of Gnosticism was creeping into the church and causing confusion about what Jesus taught. John wrote to confront these false messages. As one of the “sons of thunder,” (what he and his brother James were called) John spoke boldly with passion and authority of the reality of Jesus the living Christ. Jesus spoke the truth; John is passing this truth on to those who had never seen Jesus, including us! John’s message is trustworthy, reliable and believable. Jesus was, and is, the real thing!  Each Sunday pastor Ron will be teaching from the Bible in 1 John. You can learn more by using our study guide.

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